Thursley Common 28 May 20

During half term was luckily that could go to Thursley Common to meet Colin the Cuckoo. Was great to see different birds that I do not normally see such as Wood Lark, Restart, Tree Pipit and Dartford Warbler. Whilst walking along one of the paths a family of Dartford Warblers flew around us. There we also Whitethroats signing high on trees. My dad was also amazed that I managed to find a Keeled Skimmer Dragonfly hidden in the bushes.

Whilst waiting for Colin we had good views of a Hobby hunting and flyovers of a Kite and Buzzard.

We waited around until the evening as we knew that Woodcock and Nightjar could be at the site. Even tough we was being bitten by midges we waited as the sun set and then heard a Woodcock in the distance. As we walked we was lucky to have one fly over our heads. Then we heard the churring of a Nightjar in the distance in the direction of our car. We tried to record the sound and then had two fly low in-between myself and my dad, which was a fantastic end to the day.

I was sad to hear that there had been a fire on the nature reserve over the weekend after we visited. Hopefully it will not take long for nature to bounce back.

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