Hello I have been bird watching for over 6 years; I started bug hunting and bird watching in the garden with my Dad.  I remember seeing my first interesting spider out of the back of our house and thinking that it did not belong in this country.  We had to look it up only to find out that it was a wasp spider.   This is one of the moments that inspired me to continue looking for new animals of all kinds.

I enjoy all wildlife, taking photographs and going out on adventures seeing what nature has to offer.  All of the wildlife that I see is written in my little black book of which I now have many, all containing many lists and memories.  I thought that now it was time to share some of my experiences and create my own blog.

Wasp Spider

Picture of a Wasp Spider

I also now have a Twitter Account @BRNature1.

A good site to start to learn about Nature is the Wildlife Watch Site, some of my old posts are under Voleyelis.





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