Rainham Marshes & Oare Marshes 14/10/17

Today we got up early and went down to Rainham Marshes for kid’s bird watching and afterwards we went to Oare Marshes to see the Wilsons Phalarope and Long Billed Dowitcher.

We went to Rainham earlier today to find something different, when we got there we started looking round.  A Ruff was wading feeding in Purfleet Pools and a Bullfinch flew over our heads.  We continued to walk down the river wall and found a Marsh Harrier flying above the reeds hunting.  It was windy and the tide was in therefore there was not much about in the bay, apart from a few gulls and a Curlew feeding.



When we went on the walk with Howard along the sea wall there was lots of Chaffinch and Goldfinch going up river.  There was also some Rock Pipits, Linnits and even two Siskins flying amongst them.

As we entered through the gate there were some Stonechat and we heard some Bearded Tits ping, but did not see them.  Near the Butts Hide there was a Buzzard circling and was being mobbed by some Crows.  It was a quiet day with not much about, most of the small birds were keeping out of the wind.



We left Rainham to go to Kent to see the Long Billed Dowitcher and Wilson’s Phalarope.  When we arrived there was lots of Golden Plover, Back Tailed Godwits and Redshank in the pools.  There were a few other people there and someone kindly pointed out the Phalarope.  It was following behind a Shovler eating all the creatures that the Shovler had disturbed.  We were watching it going backwards and forwards following the Shovler.

Wilsons Phalarope

Distance Wilson’s Phalarope following a Shovler

Then we turned to the little lagoon to the right and there were three Little Stints wondering round near the water edge on the mud.  There were also some Avocet, Greenshank and a Ruff wading looking for food.  We continued looking for the Dowitcher, but could not find it.  We got in the car and was just leaving when someone spotted it.  I jumped out of the car and was super lucky to see it.

Long Billed Dowitcher

Long Billed Dowitcher

It was a tremendous and lucky end to the day.


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