Thames21 Litter Pick 30/11/19

Did a litter pick this morning at the stone barges at Rainham along the Thames.  There were 30 volunteers, we managed to fill up 39 bags with plastic bottles and 44 bags with general rubbish.  We had shoes, bottle tops, plastic from cotton buds, wrappers, straws, lighters, tennis ball, coconuts, life jacket, plant pots, cups and various other bits.  Was estimated that we picked up 1175 plastic bottles.

Thames21 said that they have averaged 66 bottles and 11 bags a day over the past two years, that’s a lot of rubbish.

You have to consider what you use and make  sure you throw everything away and recycle.  Not drop rubbish or flush the wrong thing down your toilet as it could end up in the Thames and eventually out to sea.



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