Norfolk 17/03/18

This was one of my best trips as I had close views of a Bullfinch, Lesser Redpoll, Mealy Redpoll, Nuthatch and Siskin at Sculthorpe Moor.  Munjac deer where also eating under the bird feeders.

We then had an excellant trip to Titchwell and was lucky to see a Snowy Owl and Snow Bunting on the beach.  Was strange to see lots of star fishes and crabs washed up on the beach.  When getting ready to go home managed to get a photo of a Barn Owl and see a Woodcock near the car park.


Little Bunting at Walthamstow

Managaed after three hours to see the Little Bunting at Walthamstow Reservoir today (04/03/18).  Also have a good view of Goldeneye, Scaup and Egyptian Geese.

There is a Little Bunting in the photo of sticks and plants, very well hidden.

We went back to Walthamstow Reservoir on the 24/03/2018 and had a better view of the Little Bunting, got a slightly better photo.  Little Bunting is to the left and there are two Reed Buntings (female/male) to the right.

Little Bunting 2


Dungeness 13/01/2018

Today was our best day at Dungeness so far with a great selection of birds.

From the ARC hide a Kingfisher was sitting on a branch and we watched it fly back and forth.  A Great White Egret was hunting in the reeds at the far side and a Marsh Harrier flew over.


On the walk out we had a Sparrow Hawk glide across in front of us and  at the entrance to the reserve the Tree Sparrows were feeding.

At the beach we had lots of different species which we had not seen there before including, close views of Red Throated Diver, Gannet, Razorbill, Little Auk, Guillmot and Great Crested Grebes.

On the Reserve were various ducks including, Gadwall and Shovler.  We managed to also see Smew, Goosander and Goldeneye swimming about.


 At the Denge Hide a Black Throated Diver swam close by and I managed to a get a photo.

Black Necked DiverBlack Throated Diver

Under the metal plates we saw three Voles running about.


We ventured out to the Laid Pitts and found a Slavinian Grebe and had help finding a Long Tailed Duck.

At the end of the day we were back at the ARC Hide and witnessed 38 Bewick Swans swoop in for the evening.  I had an exceptional day and are now on 103 for my year list.


A New Year 2018

Last year I managed to see 187 birds, can 2018 be the year that I see over 200?

An early start at Rainham Marshes and heard a Kingfisher and a Ring Necked Parakeet flew over.  On the walk to Averly Bay we have Water, Rock and Meadow Pipits.

There was a good selection of gulls including, Caspien, Yellow Legged, Great Black Backed, Lesser Black Backed, Black Headed and Herring Gulls.

A flock of Canada Geese flew over with Dunlin and Lapwings flying across the over side of the Thames.  In the bay we saw Avocet and Curlew flew over.

Canada Geese FlyingCanada Geese Flying

When we was heading into Rainham a Fieldfare was eating berries in a bush.


Walking round with heard Bearded Tits ping and saw them hunting for food in the reeds.  From the Butts Hide we had Ruff and Pintail with other ducks.

On the Pylon we had a good view of Peregrine Falcons and one chased another out of its territory.

PeregrineDigscope of Peregrine

From the platform we saw lots of Pintail together , which was a surprise and they appeared to be talking to each other.


We could see the Barn Owl in its box and also caught a Brent Goose fly down river and towards to the woods.  About 10 Snipe were hidden along the edge of the reeds from the Ken Barret Hide.

When we got near the cordite store we had the best view of a Firecrest jumping about in the ivy and bramble.  Managed to get a photo but was no that clear due to low light.


Also jumping about was a Goldcrest .  In the cordite a Bullfinch was calling and we saw if fly between some trees and then disappear.


On the walk back to the centre a Buzzard was being mobbed by a Crow and when in the centre the was a Short Eared Own in the distance.

Had a really good day and managed to see 81 one birds, thanks Howard.


Foot Prints in the Snow

Footprints in the snow at Chafford Hundred Gorge 10/12/2017.

Whilst playing in the snow it was fascinating to see all the different footprints in the snow.  I was surprised how big some of them were for example Coot and Moorhen.  I tried to identify them by watching them walking about.


Looking out at the Gorge


Moorhen footprints


Moorhen footprints walking towards the water


Mix of mostly smaller Magpie and some Mallard prints with webbed feet


Coot (left) and Canada Geese (Right) Prints

A Day at Minsmere 16/12/17

We got up early to get to the reserve for opening and watched the sun rise on the drive there.  A Pheasant met us by the feeders in the car park, with Coal and Marsh Tits flying in and out of the feeders.  Whilst Dunnocks,  Robins and Chaffinch  hopped undeneath.

PheasantMale Pheasant

There were footprints of Deer though we are not sure which ones.

FootPrintsDeer Prints

A Squirrel was eating,with others jumping and running about in the woodland.

SquirrelGrey Squirrel

We had an excellent view of a pair of Bullfinches eating berries at the top of a bush.  The Konik Horses were feeding onthe scrapes.

Konik HorseKonik Horse

At the beachwe had a sea; bobbing its head above the waves.

SealCommon Seal

On the final walk round whilst the sun started to set we had the privilege to see Whopper Swans flying by the Isle of Mere Hide.

Isle of Mere Hide ViewView from Isle of Mere Hide

There was a Water Rail eating and hiding along the reeds,then sprinted off.  A Bearded Tit came fowardand we had the best view of a male that we have ever had.

Bearded TitBearded Tit

FInally before we left the hide a pair of Otters was swimming, playing and splashing around at the back.

On the walk back to the car we had four Red Deer walk in frout of us and they were watching us from trees.

Red Deer EyesRed Deer

At the car the Tawny Owls were calling out to each other and as we left a Muntjac Deer walk in front of us.  This was an extremely good end to the day.




Rainham Firecrest Hunt

Had a walk round Rainham Marhes this morning, which was cold in the wind.  Finally got to see a Firecrest after three weeks of trying.

Managed to see 60 differents birds today (25/11/17), also 60 at Kids Bird Walk last week (18/11/17) and 20 when we had a quick walk to try and find the firecrest on 12/11/17.

Highlights with a few pictures are below, had a good view of a Barn Owl in its box and  Stonechats bouncing round.


Had quite few different birds of prey including, Marsh Harrier flying over cows, Kestrel hovering and a Sparrow Hawk hunting.

Marsh HarrierMarsh Harrier
Sparrow HawkSparrow Hawk

Variuos ducks of which Pintail was my favourite.


Waders including good view of Curlew and a Ruff from the Ken Barrett Hide.

Ruff LapwingRuff in front of a Lapwing

We had all three pipits, Meadow, Rock and excellent view of a Water from the Ken Barrett Hide.  For the keen eyed there was a Common Snipe hiding in the edge of the mud.

Robins were jumping around in the bushes with Blue, Great and Long Tailed Tits.


Little Egret was stalking and hunting for fish.

Little EgretLittle Egret

Had a couple good days out and about looking at the various wild life at Rainham.