A Day at Minsmere 16/12/17

We got up early to get to the reserve for opening and watched the sun rise on the drive there.  A Pheasant met us by the feeders in the car park, with Coal and Marsh Tits flying in and out of the feeders.  Whilst Dunnocks,  Robins and Chaffinch  hopped undeneath.

PheasantMale Pheasant

There were footprints of Deer though we are not sure which ones.

FootPrintsDeer Prints

A Squirrel was eating,with others jumping and running about in the woodland.

SquirrelGrey Squirrel

We had an excellent view of a pair of Bullfinches eating berries at the top of a bush.  The Konik Horses were feeding onthe scrapes.

Konik HorseKonik Horse

At the beachwe had a sea; bobbing its head above the waves.

SealCommon Seal

On the final walk round whilst the sun started to set we had the privilege to see Whopper Swans flying by the Isle of Mere Hide.

Isle of Mere Hide ViewView from Isle of Mere Hide

There was a Water Rail eating and hiding along the reeds,then sprinted off.  A Bearded Tit came fowardand we had the best view of a male that we have ever had.

Bearded TitBearded Tit

FInally before we left the hide a pair of Otters was swimming, playing and splashing around at the back.

On the walk back to the car we had four Red Deer walk in frout of us and they were watching us from trees.

Red Deer EyesRed Deer

At the car the Tawny Owls were calling out to each other and as we left a Muntjac Deer walk in front of us.  This was an extremely good end to the day.




One thought on “A Day at Minsmere 16/12/17”

  1. Ben I have just read all of your blogs and it good that you have seen so many different birds and animals. keep your blog going as its a very good read.

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