Rainham Firecrest Hunt

Had a walk round Rainham Marhes this morning, which was cold in the wind.  Finally got to see a Firecrest after three weeks of trying.

Managed to see 60 differents birds today (25/11/17), also 60 at Kids Bird Walk last week (18/11/17) and 20 when we had a quick walk to try and find the firecrest on 12/11/17.

Highlights with a few pictures are below, had a good view of a Barn Owl in its box and  Stonechats bouncing round.


Had quite few different birds of prey including, Marsh Harrier flying over cows, Kestrel hovering and a Sparrow Hawk hunting.

Marsh HarrierMarsh Harrier
Sparrow HawkSparrow Hawk

Variuos ducks of which Pintail was my favourite.


Waders including good view of Curlew and a Ruff from the Ken Barrett Hide.

Ruff LapwingRuff in front of a Lapwing

We had all three pipits, Meadow, Rock and excellent view of a Water from the Ken Barrett Hide.  For the keen eyed there was a Common Snipe hiding in the edge of the mud.

Robins were jumping around in the bushes with Blue, Great and Long Tailed Tits.


Little Egret was stalking and hunting for fish.

Little EgretLittle Egret

Had a couple good days out and about looking at the various wild life at Rainham.



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