Rainham Marshes 05/09/2017

Just before we go back to school I went to Rainham Marshes today. As we were walking along the sea wall, a Kestrel flew overhead and was hovering over the Serin mound. In the bay there were a few Avocet and some Black Tailed Godwits. Over behind the Butts hide there was a Marsh Harrier gliding over the reeds looking for some prey. At the board walk there were some more Black Tailed Godwits feeding and a grey Heron hunting for fish at the back of the pool. With them there were some ducks such as Tufted, Shovler, Mallard, Teal and Coots. In the woodland there was a group of Blue and Long Tailed Tits flying from tree to tree. There was also a Rhingia Campestris hoverfly sitting nicely in the Cordite store. As I sat down on the bench a noon fly landed next to me and I got a photo straight away. Nearing the centre a man kindly pointed out a wasp spider sitting on an egg sack this was a lovely surprise because you don’t normally find them together at the same time. Below are some of the photos that I took today.


One thought on “Rainham Marshes 05/09/2017”

  1. Hi Ben. I have found your two new blogs very interesting. I think it is wonderful that you are seeing all the different birds and insects etc. I cannot wait to read about your next nature adventure.
    Joy xx

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